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How to Keep Carpet Cleaner From Foaming

Carpet Cleaner

Carpet cleaning is the worst and every home owner’s nightmare. They come as they please and refuse to budge even with a lot scrubbing and a lot of money spent on cleaning detergent. It is hard to keep them in their original colour and state and appears to be in the worst possible state when friends and family come over. Stains are as stubborn as a nineteen year old is with their curfew and comes in all colours shapes and textures just like the mysterious objects you would find in your three year olds pockets.

Carpets are most often the canvas of the arrangement in a certain room, it is what ties together all the ornaments, cushions and what not’s you have placed in your living room, bedroom or any room for that matter. so a stained carpet is a definite no go even if you are one of the easy going moms.

How to get the cleaning job done

Foam when carpet cleaning gets in the way of actual cleaning and leaves the carpet with a sticky situation even after a good scrub .while some have the notion that foam exhibits how well the cleaning is happening others believe it to be getting in the way. So the million dollar question is, how to Keep Carpet Cleaner from Foaming? Foam building in a carpet cleaner is to be expected as its waste water is collected into it, but as responsible home owners it is up to us to control the foaming as it can severely damage the vacuum motors with the humidity that it produces.

Managing the scent

We all pour in a little more detergent with the noble intention of a good clean up but contrary to our judgement call it is best for us to stick to the potion recommendation of the manufacturer if not less. Especially if yours is a household with small kids and pets who might be sensitive to strong scents. The scent can not only irritate the senses but the moisture caused by the excess foam can create an unpleasant odour and creates wet prints if stepped on before it is fully absorbed. Often our practise is to add detergent prior to the water .This leaves more room for foam developing as opposed to the foam that bubbles up if you pour in the water into the machine first. Specifically hot water.

Taking control over the situation

If you really want to be control of the situation, a commercial de-foamer is the way to go. Two or three drops of into the solution will ensure way less foam when cleaning and this is ideal for anybody who is not a fan of the foamy texture that surfaces during. With it you can also maximize the waste-water tank space of your cleaning machine and spend more time cleaning carpets rather than spending your time fussing over the machine’s maintenance. If added directly to the vacuum hose a de-foamier will shower the waste tank from above too, removing any foam that has made their way to the length of the hose.

Many households are now moving into sustainable living patterns and saying no to store bought detergents. These off the rack cleaning suppliers are induced with chemicals and packed in plastic containers these families are saying no to, instead they have moved to cleaning detergents that are cooked up right in the kitchen with all natural ingredients such as vinegar and baking soda to be stored in reusable glass containers that are filled in to spray bottles during the actual cleaning.

Benefits of using an natural carpet cleaning

The upside to a natural carpet cleaner is that it is gentler on the skin in addition to being an economical decision. Most carpet cleaners are expensive and in store we always reach for the most expensive one as we do not want to damage the carpet itself with bargain cleaners that will cost way more than detergents to replace.
Call me a pessimist but with commercial carpet cleaners how do we know if an actual cleaning is done or whether it gives just a pick-me up scent that gives us the illusion that it has been cleaned up. as consumers we are most often drawn to the aesthetics of the packaging therefore it is likely that our carpet cleaner sitting in the closet is not doing a job as great as we think it does.

We all want to keep our carpet in a good condition for as long as possible. In between routine clean ups and during the entirety of a possession of the said item. And we rely a great deal on the efficiency of our carpet cleaning detergent to work in our favour. With a homemade concussion you know exactly what and how much of it goes into the carpet. And to the pleasant surprise of many it does not create foam as much as the store bought detergent.