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How Do You Remove Vomit Smell From Your Carpet?

Carpets largely contribute to the interior of your home or office space: they make the surrounding area look modern and stylish while also reducing unwanted noise and providing insulation. But when an unfortunate incident occurs, for example someone, perhaps a child vomits on the carpet then cleaning the carpet and getting rid of the vomit odor proves to be a time consuming and tedious task. As per Los Angeles CA Carpet Cleaning, with some effort the smell can be removed and listed below are a number of methods to help you can get rid of vomit or any other undesirable smells.

First thing you should do

Before you get to work try to get your hands (literally) on a pair of disposable or latex gloves. This is so that you don’t have to touch any unpleasant substances. And you are protected from germs as well! Then using something flat sided like a scraper. One side of a cardboard box or a spatula, scrape off as much of the vomit as possible. Scrape the large pieces on to a dust pan or in to a garbage bag. And pick up what’s left over with paper towels. Tissue or paper towels are a better option. Compared to a cloth piece because they can directly be thrown away and when using cloth. There is also the risk that the vomit bits may get stuck in the washing machine stirring up additional trouble. When cleaning the carpet make sure you’re not pushing the vomit further into the carpet. As this will cause it to get stuck with the fibers in the carpet and cleaning will be made more difficult. This is why a flat sided object is recommended and even when using paper towels. It is important to be very gentle. This is highly recommended by Los Angeles CA Carpet Cleaning as well.

Dealing with moisture

What’s remaining now is the moisture, the stain and the odor. Before moving on to the last two it’s better to clean the area and remove the moisture. Using a plastic spray bottle, spray some luke warm water on to the spoilt area and with a clean rag work out any left-over vomit. Once again remember to blot and not push or scrub and try as much as possible. To not let the vomit/water to spread to the rest of the carpet. When the towel or cloth gets filled. Replace it with a cleaner one, and preferably use a white cloth so as to not transfer or soak up (from the carpet) any colored dyes. Now that you’re sure there is no vomit remaining on the carpet it is time to get rid of the excess moisture: baking soda and corn starch are both excellent products for eliminating moisture: if you are using baking soda place a fair amount of it on the spoilt area and leave for about fifteen to twenty minutes after which you will be able to see little clumps. Once the clumps look reasonably dry scoop them up and clean the residue left behind with a vacuum cleaner. If you are using corn starch then completely cover the area with it and leave for 10-15 mins after which you can run a vacuum over it.

Removing the smell

It is now time to get rid of the stain and the lingering vomit smell, there are numerous ways to do so and it all depends on how big and how deep the stain is. For a light stain, warm water usually does the trick however if the stain is persistent then other methods may have to be used. Some of the substances used to remove stains are quite strong and end up removing the odor together with the stain, if this occurs then your work is made much easier. Before starting, if you feel that the smell is very over powering and if it seems as though it’s unlikely that the stain will go away through home cleaning then consider handing your carpet over to professional cleaners. Los Angeles CA Carpet Cleaning is one such company who will ensure that the stain as well as the vomit smell is removed and your carpet will be returned looking fresh and new! Therefore, you can contact Los Angeles CA Carpet Cleaning without keeping any doubts in mind.

Final steps of cleaning

If you have decided to clean it by yourself then to start off decide on the type of cleaning agent you are going to use, your options include club soda, dry cleaning solvents, vinegar, hydrogen peroxide and ammonia. You can also choose to make your own vomit cleaner following a number of recipes that can be found online. Before proceeding contact Los Angeles CA Carpet Cleaning. With any of the cleaners do a quick spot test on a small area of the carpet to ensure there are no bad reactions. Such as the color coming off or the stain spreading. After this either spray or pour some of the selected cleaning agent on the damaged area. And once again with a white, clean cloth work on removing the stain. Do not rub or press too hard. Simply blot on the affected area and try to soak up as much of the stain as possible. After the spot has been cleaned. Using a new cloth wipe off the excess solvent. If you have used ammonia or an agent with a strong smell. Then it’s likely that the vomit odor has disappeared however.

White vinegar in a spray bottle

If it still lingers then following is a quick remedy you can try: mix a half and half solution of water and white vinegar in a spray bottle and spray it over the carpet plentifully. Let it remain for about half an hour and then using a sponge soak up the solution. After this, sprinkle baking soda (this also helps remove the moisture) on the carpet and leave over night (eight hours minimum), the next morning using a vacuum cleaner remove all of the baking soda. To finish off, you can sprinkle a store-bought deodorizer over the carpet and the odor is sure to vanish. If you are still not satisfied then run a steam cleaner (can be rented from any hardware store) over your carpet, this more or less does the same work as a vacuum cleaner but is more powerful and often used commercially. Or else, you can simply contact Los Angeles CA Carpet Cleaning company to get the job done.