About Us

About Us

VCG Link San Diego, your trusted and reliable company serves you with expertise and dedication. We are one of the best companies in San Diego that offer Carpet Cleaning, Water Damage Repair and Restoration, Hardwood Floor Cleaning and Restoration and Tile and Grout Cleaning services to the big advantage of every home.

We make sure that each of these services is made in a systematic and fast way. We follow the path to excellence service so we do the best we could to ensure the best service is given to you.         With our efforts and large experience to each of our services, you have 100% guarantee of having the best service you desire.

We aim to not only to serve you but make a big difference in your life through our services. Since we have started in 1999, we have lived to the expectation of the San Diego residents. We see to it the work is finished in time and we do our best to give you the best result you need.

Carpet Cleaning

You might find a hassle in cleaning your carpet due to the lack of cleaning tools and expertise to completely remove dust, dirt, and fur. Don’t worry! Using our experience and expertise, we see to it your problem is solved in no time.

Here, VCG Link San Diego do a systematic and effective approach to cleaning your carpet. We have licensed and dedicated team who are capable of doing successful carpet cleaning service. We have the right tools and equipment to make an efficient removing of the dust, dirt or any fur from your dog or cat from the carpet.

From the inspection to the actual cleaning process, we make it a point that the work is made secure, safe and successful. Therefore, rest assured having a clean carpet would be yours.

Water Damage Repair and Restoration

Floods caused by typhoons could do heavy damage to your home. This damages both the exterior and interior part of your home or building. We see to it that we do an effective and reliable water damage repair and restoration. Combined with our experience and expertise, we see to your home would have the perfect cleanup and restoration process.

We aim to complete the task on the right time so we make a fast but sure assessment of the damage. In doing so, we come up with the measures to effectively start the cleanup and the restoration process. With the skills and determination of our team, the work is not only made successful but you are also ensured your home would be in top shape again.

Our team of experts is also giving maintenance tips so that you would know the right measures of properly cleaning or avoiding strong damage to your home in case another flood might come, Here, we give you the best service and we make it happen.

Hardwood Floor Cleaning and Restoration

You can also count on VCG Link San Diego through efficient cleaning and restoration of your hardwood floor. We have a wide knowledge of the cleaning procedures required to make your floor clean in no time. The excellent skills and consistency of our staff are doing the cleaning process is observed and proven by our customers in the San Diego area. It is our aim to give them the best service they need. Here, your satisfaction is our priority.

Extreme damages on your hardwood floor such as cracks or holes is a big problem for you. Experience the best relief as we give you reliable restoration procedures that that would solve the problem. We have trained and licensed team of experts who are determined to finish the work according to your requirements and expectation.

We carefully inspect the damage on your hardwood floor and then do the required work to clean or restore the hardwood floor. VCG Link San Diego uses all the essential tools and equipment so that the work would he finished on the right time. Rest assured the best service would be given to you.

Tile and Grout Cleaning

The dirt and stains in your tiles night you a hard time in removing these. But with great service of VCG Link San Diego, we assure you to do for your convenience. We have a strong line of qualified and reliable tile and Grout cleaners whose expertise is proven by a great number of our clients.

Using the most recommended and widely used cleaning agents and tools, our team offers a cleaning service that gives you the satisfaction you need. Here, we also use the essential and systematic methods that are sure to remove the stains or dirt from your tiles. Our team sees to it that the work would have the best output.

We also meet your satisfaction by not giving you a competitive price the tile and Grout cleaning service. The company guarantees you wouldn’t have any trouble when it comes to acquiring the service. We do the best we could to make things more convenient for you. Hence, feel the satisfaction you deserve with VCG Link San Diego.

Hence, a great cleanup is assured. VCG Link San Diego also offers you support and customer service to take care of your calls and inquiries. We are a proven expert in handling your calls in around of the clock.
So, contact us and let’s make a great service possible.  Here, you will find service and excellence!